Here is what participants say about Sing For Better Health:

"I go to the group with a tight chest, and leave feeling I can breathe again."

"Very friendly group, very relaxing. I am enjoying it very much, and I am improving my breathing and posture, and gaining more confidence!"

"We all suffer from like problems – meeting together puts us in a positive frame of mind and exercises our lungs to their full capacity and creates friendships."

"I am an ex-coal miner who also smoked, resulting in ‘Emphysema’. The classes help me to control and live with my problems. The breathing exercises are calming and soothing, relieving the pain of breathlessness and fear of the future."

"I feel personally my breathing has maintained a level due to the exercise of singing and breathing, and properly kept me out of a hospital bed under the NHS. It has also helped me to give up cigarettes"

"It has really helped me to expand and to use my lungs more. Also I feel that it has kept me freer from lung infections and so in turn I have had less free prescriptions too! Also, I have not had to go to hospital and have more chest X-rays which all take time and cost the NHS more money!"

"The nurse measured my lung capacity: it improved through the singing classes!."

"This group has been extremely helpful in many ways, physically and psychologically. The benefits have kicked in gradually. I get less out of breath, even walking uphill is getting easier. I never used to join in when other people sang, now I do. I enjoy singing so much that I even sing in the bath! Taking breaths is much more natural now. I just don’t have to worry about breathing any more. I am much calmer now, and my sleep has improved."

"We have an excellent leader in Udita, and Paulina is a top-class pianist. The atmosphere is always welcoming, friendly and relaxed. New members are always made to feel at home. Afternoons fly by and one feels uplifted and breathing easier"

“If this was ‘pushed out’ countywide, it would save the NHS thousands!”

"...singing is a simple pleasure that imparts a great deal of benefit: uplifting the soul; improving one’s self-confidence; making one happier. All of this and more can only be a plus for one’s health and wellbeing. This should be offered to all."

"The combination of relaxation, breathing exercises and singing is very therapeutic – I look forward to Mondays – sets me up for the week."

"I like the people and the way they welcomed me. Udita is very understanding, kind and loving."

"...the relaxation exercises which you can call upon in any given circumstances at any time, even in bed. Also the singing – a very relaxed way to exercise the lungs"

"It enabled me to give up smoking."

"Joy of living positively."

"It helps posture and voice."

"I find this group very beneficial. It is very healing and affects me deeply. As my breathing improved, so also clarity of my mind and general well-being."