These are the results of the newest research project 
into the benefits of singing on health and well-being, conducted by a student at the Medical School of Sussex University, using our singing groups.

Breathing and Posture:
  •  71.5% increased control in breathing
"It has helped me a lot in learning how to get over periods of breathlessness and get my breathing back into control"

  •  24% increase in exercise tolerance
"I couldn't go up a short flight of stairs without resting twice and I couldn't go up the street I lived in, [...]. since I've started the singing class, I can do both things."

  •  14.2% increased vocal projection
"I've got Parkinson's and it's helped me feel better. I was never depressed but it has lifted my spirits even more and it's helped me project my voice, and it's given me confidence."

Social and Mood:
  •  81% created new friendships

"But what is good is we notice if someone hasn't been well for a long time. We ask where they are and if they are alright. We care; we miss the people that aren't here."

  •  19% felt able to join other groups
"I think a lot of older people. I know I do, just feel as if they're a nuisance and in the way. When I am here I get over that quite easily."

  •  71.4% increased their sense of happiness
"It's made me appreciate life and it's good."

Healthcare professionals and medication use:
  •  24% decreased number of GP visits
"I feel that I've spent less time going back to my doctors with flare-ups of my COPD."

  •  9% decreased hospital admissions
"[...] have been able to stay away from my doctor and the hospital and avoid the use of antibiotics and steroids."

  •  19% decreased medication use
"I haven't had antibiotics for at least a year now."

With thanks to:
R. Wheatley, student at Brighton and Sussex Medical School
Dr. K. Walker-Bone, BSMS 
Dr. L. Marshall-Andrews GP, Futurehealth
Dr. S. Andersen, Futurehealth

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